eugenia emets

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Do you like participatory art?

Launch HURAA and Song Weaving Project at the V&A Lecture Theatre, 3rd of October 2014



I am pleased to invite you to a presentation of my new project ‘Song Weaving project’, in collaboration with traditional weaving company in the UK. I will present the idea, talk about the collaborative aspect within the work, the innovative crowd-funding model and the participatory aspect of the project. The presentation will take place during the launch of the Human Resources Art Activities – HURAA on the 3rd of October at the V&A Lecture Theatre.

From the press release: The Song Weaving project will connect people through participatory art building a sense of belonging, meaning of the making and owning an object of art…

The Song Weaving project takes an artistic interpretation of the ancient art of weaving in community, blending novel technological ways of creating fabrics and participatory art. It explores the idea of recording a shared memory of an experience, creating meaning through pattern.

The Song Weaving project puts forth the question: How do we attach value to the things we put our time into, the things we create, buy and own. My hypothesis is that human beings inherently love participating in an experience through which they can connect to each other. This emotional engagement gives value to objects that are outcome of this experience much higher than an everyday piece of design or art.

The HURAA project is bringing contemporary participatory art techniques into new realms of activity through visual artist consultancy placements in businesses and the public sector. The launch event brings together international artists in London at the V&A Lecture Theatre.

HURAA aims to explore ‘what is participatory art’ (and its grass-roots transformative effect) through a series of artists talks and projects, to develop new ways to produce successful art projects, and of course to help with the creation of some exciting new art.

The HURAA launch is a free one-day event that will include artists’ talks, presentations and performance. To attend you can reply to this email and email to Full details at


The HURAA launch programme:

10.30am-1.00pm: 3 artists working internationally.
REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT  (Germany) initiates projects that generate new relations and interest groups. 
Factory of Found Clothes (Netherlands/Russia) develops a strategy of ‘Utopian Unions’, constructing situations for encounter. 
Corin Hewitt (USA) engages in cycles of transmutation, through live processes in gallery spaces and beyond.

2pm-3pm: a screening about ‘Open for Business’ by Multistory a touring exhibition that documents manufacturing in the UK through the work of photographers including Martin Parr from the Magnum agency.
Following this is a presentation of the ‘Song Weaving project’ by Evgenia Emets of a HURAA project in development, how it is being produced, and the outcomes that are looked for.

3.30pm-4.30pm:  ‘Feast’ – a performance and round-table discussion. With an approach that combines eccentricity and engagement, Gluklya Pershina and Susan Morland present an exploration of the way that art can operate as an agent of change.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Echo of Now Evgenia Emets

This short presentation was created to illustrate the idea and research  on the Number Theory and the Apollonian Packing by Peter Sarnak at King's College in March 2014.

Saturday, 14 December 2013


One line poetry. One line drawing.

Separation is a demon guarding the door of joyful heart

If we have survived separation though darkness we must expand this unity with light

Size each: 14 x 19 cm, ink on paper

The work was created for and exhibited at the show dedicated to William Blake "The visions of William Blake" at the Dragon Cafe in the Crypt of St George the Martyr Church in november 2012. The exhibition hosted Illuminated drawings from contemporary artists inspired by Blake art, and the size of original William Blake drawings. All the work was commissioned for the show by the William Blake Congregation. 

These drawings are available separately or together side by side / double sided mounting. Can be framed.